09 February, 2014

Shift or sheath

I wore this when a small group met at a friend's place for coffee and chit chat. 

My Sheath dress is from Ritu Kumar.

Tights- Uniqlo

Sheath dresses are timeless classics and have been around for the longest time. The classic “Sheath dress was created way back in the late 1920s by CoCo Chanel. They are no fuss and uncomplicated and hence have been favored by celebrities all the time. You can see lot of celebs wearing sheath dresses here. Few celebs who have favored sheaths are Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Kennedy, Michelle Obama, Victoria Beckam, Priyanka Chopra, Tyra BanksThe sheath dress  is structured to follow the contours of your body and is a great choice for all body types. Here is a very interesting article about the sheath. And here and here are fabulous tips for wearing a sheath.

BTW A shift is commonly confused with a sheath, and the two words have more in common than the way they sound. Both refer to uncomplicated-looking dresses that end somewhere around the knee. The difference is that a shift tends to be less fitted around the waist and hips. Its straight lines are sweet and waifish in a way that the sheath, with all of its body-clinging tenacity, never will be.

The best way to remember the difference is that a shift dress actually shifts – with the bottom having a wider skirt than the top; meanwhile, a sheath dress is narrower, with pretty much identical measurements at the bust and the knees.