10 February, 2014

Must have colors in every women's wardrobe

Women's wardrobe needs to be colorful and vibrant. Every color represents and sets a different mood, character, flavor, ambience and aura. 

1. Peach: It is a soft, beautiful color, and reminds you of peaches and cream complexion.

2. Baby pink: Associated with girls and is favored by lot of girls of all age group.

3. Carrot red: Family of pinks and reds have many different hues and all of them do justice to women.

4. Florescent green: To have that extra magical glow.

5. Florescent yellow: Florescent colors are must haves.

6. Black: For that classic, chic and slim look.

7. Fuchsia: My personal favorite. Best color in the family of pinks.

8. Red: For the sensual, sexy look.

9. Sunshine yellow: For that warm and bright glow.

10: Oxblood aka bordeaux aka maroon: Deeper than red. Yet, its feel is way different from reds.

10. Leaf green: Do not turn green with envy. Let others do that as you wear this color.

11. Royal Blue: Again a nice and deep color. It is a primary color and as the name "royal" suggests, it looks very rich.

12. Turquoise blue: Lighter than royal blue, it is still a very rich color and does justice to women.

13: Navy blue: Ver deep blue, almost going towards black, it is again a very nice color that makes you look slim like blacks.

14: Purple: A nice deep and rich hue.

15: Mauve or lavender: soft and sensuous.

16: Bright orange: Bright and chirpy. Like yellow, gives you a warm glow.

17. Browns: The earthy browns might be a little dull on their own but there are ways to brighten them. They look sophisticated and classy.

18. Fifty shades of grey: Grey's are not all boring. You need to have a grey matter. Soft and subtle grey cotton linens or shimmery grey, both are very interesting.

19. Jade green: A very different shade to wear.

20: Whites: Whites are mesmerizing and symbolize peace, tranquility, harmony, freshness and purity. Whether it is a shirt, a T shirt, dress, saree, kurta or anything else, everything looks cool when it is white and you can accessorize it in ample number of different ways.

21. Shimmers: Gold, silver, copper, are nice shimmery colors to add funk to your wardrobe.

22. Rust: It resembles orange and has similar hues but is warmer than orange.

23: Indian silks have certain very different color palettes. Specially because with silks, one can create unique shimmers with their warp and weft. Below are few examples.

Onion pink

24. Blush pink

25. Rust gold red

26. Olive green/grey