23 February, 2014

Ways to spice up boring outfit

Right accessorizing is the key to spice your outfit. But the balance needs to be struck. Overdoing can kill it. 
Coco Chanel said, "I always take off at least one piece of jewelry before I leave the house…to ensure that I am not “overdoing” it. I am a minimalist at heart but this always has been my rule. I believe high heels can make the world go round, just as a little black dress is the key to any wardrobe. I believe in investing in high quality pieces that last forever but never go out of style over buying lots of cheaper trendy items each year. I love basics such as a nice blazer and good fitting jeans with stilettos. Pearls, diamonds and anything Tiffany are my weaknesses but these are items I have built up to over the years through birthdays, Christmas and graduations…and have had passed down through my family over the years. However I cannot turn down classy pieces of costume jewelry at any point in time. My belief is that it’s all about how you wear it….on whether it looks real or not. It’s about how you carry yourself and who you are as a person. It’s about being a lady." 
Avoid over accessorizing. Keep it subtle. Do not try to wear everything you have, all in one go. Keep few things simple and highlight others. One watch, nice shades, a scarf, any one thing at a time can uplift your outfit and make it look complete.                                                                    

Wear a shawl/ scarf

All of the ones shown below have been bought from
Kashmir Shawl Emporium
94, MM, Janpath, New Delhi.
Their fb page is this.

                                                                          Wear a belt

Wear a cap/ berret

                                                                            Take a nice bag

Wear nice shoes

Accessorize with nice jewelry

                                                                 Wear colorful tights

                                                              Wear a head accessory

Wear a brooch