05 February, 2014

What did my workout look like today?

This is not my typical workout. Of course it changes everyday. But it has the same intensity. To train with me, check my website here.

As I enter my studio, the first thing I do is pray and meditate. That never changes. Next, today this is what I did. 

Cycling on a recumbent bike. 15 mins. 160 calories burnt. Distance- 7 kms.
  • Stationary bike is a good low impact workout. 
  • It escalates the heart rate and gives you a good aerobic workout. 
  • It helps you to burn calories and fat.
  • It tones and shapes the muscles of the legs.
  • Make sure your posture is correct when you sit. Try to sit straight. Do not slouch. Keep the shoulders relaxed.

Treadmill- 15 mins- 2 kms.
  • Walking/jogging/running is a good exercise. You can do it outdoor or indoors. 
  • Go at your own pace.
  • Build your stamina slowly.
  • Make sure to warm up, cool down and stretch.
  • Bend your elbows and use your hands too.
  • Walk heel toe. 
  • Walking helps to burn calories, loose weight and tone you.

It was followed by stretching.

5 mins hoola hoop. I have a big and heavy hula hoop.
It helps to strengthen and tone the core.

Next I did spot jogging and spot skipping for 5 minutes each. Little propulsion activity helps to strengthen and gives anaerobic workout.

Next was low impact floor aerobics.

Then I did some conditioning exercises like lunges.
It is important to keep the back straight and focus on the working muscles.
The heel of the back leg should be up
The front knee should not flex beyond 90 degree.

Then I held the plank position for 1 minute

Plank on elbows for another 1 minute

Did some inverted V or downward dog position from Yoga.

And some more stretches. But that was not all. I have to practice for my dance everyday. Some exercises given to me by my teacher. I spend about 20 minutes in that. It is really relaxing. And my workout was done.

What am I wearing

Tshirt: Billabong. Bought in Hawaii. Also worn here.
Tracks bought last year in US.
Shoes: Adidas adipure. Also shown here. I ordered them online from flipcart. I highly recommend these. They are so comfortable and perfect for every workout. I like them more because they are not made of leather, yet are even more comfortable than leather.