06 February, 2014

Workout on the Ramp

Ramping up is a very effective workout. The kind of results, this can give, is unimaginable. It is an incline surface. Hence, targets the rear muscles such as glutes, hamstrings and calves. You can train your core and also do cardio on it. Below I am doing deep squats. Deep squats, usually considered unsafe, can be safely done on the ramp. You hold the base of the ramp and that helps to keep the back lengthened. Also your knees remain above your ankles. The feet are on incline surface. If you want sexiest possible legs, squats done on the ramp are the best. No other exercise can beat these.

After squating, you stand completely. Knees straight and feet on the incline surface, you still hold the base of the ramp.

Ramp is also very useful for doing planks, push ups and many variations of planks.

Here I am doing some variations in plank such as an alternate leg lift. Planks are excellent for core contraction.

An inverted V or downward dog.

Some cardio using the ramp.

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Another information about Ramp- Unfortunately, they are not being manufactured any more. Whatever are existing, are there. So you cannot buy any new ramps from anywhere. Very limited pieces are available with selected few fitness centres in the world. But it is a killer piece of equipment.