16 March, 2014

Dressing ethnic

This is me, having a relaxed weekend. As stated earlier, here, this season my mood is to dress up in traditional Indian wear, simple, ethnic, elegant, cool and comfortable.
It amuses me to see how many people follow this blog regularly. And how many people really let it affect them. It is a blog about me. Me, who is unafraid to be myself, who makes no efforts to conceal her vulnerability, who does not believe in stereotypes, who is absolutely not interested to know anything about people's lives, who is least interfering, who has a mind of her own and believes in minding her own business, who runs away from controversies, who wants to lead her life her way- simple and straight, who follows her heart, her mind and her passions.

Write to me and tell me why do you like to follow this blog.

What I am wearing is a cotton Kurti, hand embroidered with neat pin tucks, bought from Dastkaar Nature Bazar. I mentioned about my shopping trip here. I want to go there again.