13 March, 2014


I had written a post here earlier, how it is sexy to venture out alone. Last Friday I had seen the bollywood movie, Queen. It completely resounded and restated what my blog post said.
The protagonist of the movie, Kangna Ranaut, goes out to her honeymoon alone and discovers herself and her own life. She comes back as much more confident person. She faces the challenges but also has a great time all by herself. She makes new friends and a young, timid girl blooms to become assertive and phlegmatic person.
Going out together in a group or with a gang of friends might be very cool. It is considered "happening" to be hanging out together, drinking, dancing, etc. But you know what is even cooler? It is to stand alone from the crowd, all by yourself. Sitting in a cafe, with your favorite book. Not really "needing" anyone else. There is absolutely nothing wrong with making friends and being with your peers. But do not let anyone take away that feeling of being "self reliant". Never be dependent on anything or anyone. No one is indispensable.
One of my dear friend told me, "Kiran, you say that you need someone with you to teach Tango. But No, you do not. You teach it independently very well. You do not need anyone." The words felt so good. It was like revelation to me. It seemed like some burden had been taken off from my shoulders. It made me feel so light and independent.
Whenever you are in total control, independent and solo, you become a better person. Not being dependent on anything other than your own self is very reassuring.
Once I was talking to a colleague. He is also a fitness trainer and we do exchange notes very frequently and give ideas to each other. I was sharing with him, how I feel so dependent on my studio. I was telling him how I cannot train my clients in any other place other than my studio. So he casually asked, " Why, when your studio is not there, you forget all about fitness? You forget all your basics- whatever we have studied- The Anatomy, Physiology and Kinesiology". And I replied, "no". That was another revelation for me. It reassured me that I am not dependent on my studio.
I was taught, never to be dependent on anything, to be fiercely independent and self reliant. I was taught not to have any addiction of any kind. So I remained away from anything addictive like tea, coffee, etc. Yes, I got addicted and hooked to Tango and do need my Tango fix.
If you are not weighed down by anything, you automatically feel so light and uplifted. You feel alive and kicking. You get your wings to fly.