18 April, 2014

Artifacts sold in Plaza Dorrego, San Telmo, Buenos Aires

In San Telmo, you get such beautiful artifacts. I wanted to buy everything. And I did splurge a lot. Yet, a lot more was left. But I tried to capture the pictures of these interesting things. Apologize for a super heavy picture blog post. But I could not help. These are such cute things- a complete delight for the eyes. Everything had Tango on it.

Mate and mate cups.

Tango figurines

Tango magnets

Street of San Telmo

Wall hangings

Tango paintings

More Tango paintings

Mate cups

Beautiful lace dresses

Leather bags

Mate being sold. Ready to drink.


Currency notes and coins of different countries. I noticed 50 Rupee note of India too.

coats and mufflers

Tango key hooks

Mate cups and straw

Pure silver jewelry

Tiny shoes and tin cans with filete  porteño on it

Boxes with tango figures on them

Pure woolen hand knitted sweaters

Tango coasters

Hand knitted booties

Tango figurines


Incense sticks

Leather bags and coin purses

Leather belts

Tango magnets and decoration pieces




Tango magnets

Leather bags

Hand made dolls


Leather jewelry

Tango metal figurines

Leather jewelry

Hand made jewelry

Hand made clips

Rhodochrosite- the pink stone of Argentina.

Tango T shirts

Tiny shoes to decorate



Tango paintings

Dried flower paintings

Tango figurines in test tubes

More shoes to decorate

Tango figurines

Malbec wine and bottle holders

hand made dolls

Leather carpets

unusual stockings

Filete  porteño


San Telmo during rains

Tango boxes

Picture frames