19 April, 2014

Shopping in Buenos Aires

Like I said here earlier, in Buenos Aires, there are very few malls like the one below- Galerias Pacifico. I have posted my pictures during my previous trip here. 

If you are looking for gorgeous Tango dresses, I highly recommend Tango Imagen. Right next to it is another good shop for tango clothes. In tango imagen shop there are names of dresses and skirts -  like tanguero, milonguero, etc.

In San Telmo, there is this gift shop selling artifacts of tango.

While I was in San Telmo, I revisited the apartment that I stayed in, in my previous visit. It is in Peru-1102.

The road across is called Humberto

This road leads to Dandi Mansion, where CITA tango festival was held.