24 April, 2014

Doonya workshop organized by Reebok

Today I did a workshop by Doonya with Kajal and Priya. It is organized by Reebok. The workout is very well planned, is very enjoyable and of course safe and effective. It is a Bollywood based fitness workout. It is going to be a rage in the upcoming days.

Doonya family

My friend, Kompal and I go back a long way in the field of fitness and I am so proud that today she is managing Reebok studios all over. She is master trainer , studios, Reebok. I am so glad she invited me over for this workshop.

It was great to connect with my fitness colleagues. We all share a very healthy rapport with lot of mutual respect and admiration. We meet to share ideas, give each other referrals, to network and to have a great time. We are a part of the same fitness industry. This industry is totally vibrant and positive.

We all received these Reebok T shirts in my favorite fuchsia color.

Some picture ops with some great poses depicting fun and camaraderie we all share. It was a meet of hard core professionals of the fitness industry who are all doing very well for themselves.