25 April, 2014

One world- One Doonya

I have a new found respect for Reebok now. And it is thanks to wonderful Reebok resolution, where they brought in Doonya. The instructors Kajal and Priya are par excellence. They have a vivacious and infectious smile. It was a pleasure to get certified by them. Truth be told, I did not want it to end. I was enjoying it to the hilt. The whole atmosphere was charged with positivity, bright smiles, fabulous fitness trainers, who are all my colleagues and more than that, dear friends. On top of it, these two petite instructors fused us with high level energy and gave us immense adrenalin rush.
Doonya program for fitness is very carefully, thoughtfully and methodically planned. It is a sheer delight to be part of Doonya family.
Also I must put in here that the workshop organized by Reebok was flawless - great location, great lunches, snacks, high tea, coordination, management, etc. Everything was perfect. 

At the end of the workshop, how do I feel? Charged up, brimming with new ideas, positive, happy and jumping with joy.