12 April, 2014

Shopping for shoes and CD's in Buenos Aires

In between classes classes and milongas, of course, I had time for shopping- Tango music, Dvd's, movies, Tango shoes, Tango dresses. Life was awesome.
I had to scan through lots of shops and lots of CD's and DVD's to take out the ones that I did not already have. I had a list that I was wanting to buy. All my wish list was completed.

In my previous trips, my first stop used to be Comme il faut's. Strangely, during this trip, it was the last stop. Now that I sell my own brand of shoes- Mis Amores, I exactly knew what I was wanting to buy. Besides lots of shoe shopping for friends in Delhi, for myself, I picked up shoes from Souple, Greta Flora, Flabella, DNI and Fabios. Not a single Comme il faut.

Greta Flora.

I was trying shoes (hence am bare feet) and clicking pictures.