11 April, 2014

Our apartment in Buenos Aires.

In my first trip, to Buenos Aires, I had stayed in a hotel. In my second trip, I had stayed in Sheraton hotel and also in an apartment in Peru, San Telmo. See pictures of the hotel here.
This time, we stayed in an apartment in Oro y Guatemala, 2159, Palermo Soho. Apartment 702.
It was a decent apartment. Yet, I would say, overpriced because it had a pool on the terrace and a gym. Both of these, we barely ever used. 
One difference between this time and previous times. In my previous trip, I had to hire a translator to hire an apartment. In Buenos Aires, hardly anyone speaks English. They all speak Castellano (Spanish). This time, I was conversing fluently in Castellano. This made my trip better and so much more fun. I seemed to know the city like the back of my hand. Earlier, I was like a lost puppy. This time I had friends to catch up with. I knew which milongas I wanted to go to, I had booked the privates with my teachers before. This trip was fabulous.