16 May, 2014

50 shades of grey

I have always said that fuchsia is my favorite. Till the time I realized, how greys attract me so much. Is it the grey matter or its comfort? I associate grey with comfort. I have grey in everything possible. Let us check. Grey is a dull color. I like to brighten it up by throwing in some colorful accessories. Are greys part of your wardrobe? 

Tunic top


Grey chanderi saree

Another tunic

Dress trench coat

Dress- bluish grey.

Another dress

Yet another dress

A jacket that I have layered over many things

Track pants


Tweed skirt

Another woolen skirt

Business suit



T shirt


Tango T shirt

Tube top

Harem pants and the T. Here I have not mixed with other bright colors and I think I am looking very dull. 

I even have warn thermals and stockings in grey