16 May, 2014

Traveling from Buenos Aires to New Delhi

Off late I have observed that my fascination for grey and specially, cotton based grey fabric has increased a lot. I think it is the most comfortable thing to wear. Someday I will do a blog post of what all do I have in grey cottons. I have T's, dresses, nighties, tracks, jackets, everything. You name it and I have it. Yet, if I see something interesting in it, I still cannot resist picking it up.
I picked these super comfortable pants in Buenos Aires and wore it for my trip back to India. During flight, I must say, it was a great buy and great choice.

At BA airport

Walking towards the lounge

Business class lounge in BA

Resting in the lounge

BA to Frankfurt- 180 degree flat seats.

Business class lounge in Frankfurt.

Flying from Frankfurt to N Delhi.