15 May, 2014

Few blog posts in one

My work has multiplied many folds. I am not getting time to update blog posts. The BA trip s yet not complete. Today, I am putting in multiple old posts all rolled into one.
Institute Cervantes, in Delhi, where I teach tango, has beautiful graffiti. Here is one of my picture after class.
I am wearing a dress by Ritu Kumar.
I have worn it here and here before.
In my tango class, one of my student is an ace photographer. These pictures have been shot by him. Although, with my phone and he was quite dissatisfied with the lighting.

Same graffiti, another day, another dress.

This too is shot in Institute Cervantes. 
Coincidentally, here also I am wearing a Ritu Kumar dress. I have put a jacket on top. 
I have worn this dress here and here earlier.

On the way back from Cervantes, I spotted this peacock on the road, which passed right past my car.

In a restaurant in Delhi, I was served this drink named 3 to Tango. I had to order this seeing tango. And it turned out to be very nice.

Here I am in my favorite restaurant, Indian Accent. It has been rated amongst world's top 50 restaurants. I am wearing a kurti that I have worn here before.