14 May, 2014

11 Things that I tell every woman who wants to stay young

1. Exercise 5 days a week
2. Meditate every day
3. Cut out on sugar
4. Dance- And if you dance Tango, your life is made. A tanguera always takes care of herself. She is a tanguera not just in a milonga but 24 x 7.
5. Stay positive and charged up. Take out negativity and unpleasantness from your life.
6. Sexercise is good.
7. Smile always. Guruji says, "fake it till you make it."
8. Have your doses of Vitamin D from sun.
9. Have your supplements.
10. Eat right. Lots of proteins. Less fat. Do not kill anyone for your food. Eat vegetarian. You are what you eat. Do not make your stomach graveyard for the dead. Also do not forget to keep yourself well hydrated. Quit drinking and smoking. Water is the best drink.
11. Lead a disciplined life. Adequate sleep at the right hours is very important.