14 May, 2014


Earlier I have posted pictures of my biking trips here, here and here.
Today it was a beautiful weather in the morning. It had just stopped raining, there was no sun, there was a slight breeze. So we ventured out biking. We enjoyed riding on special BRT track made in Delhi for cyclists.
BRT track is a boon for cyclists. But the general public, driving cars are not so respectful and careful about the cyclists. They honk, they overtake at high speed, which makes the cyclists nervous. Times are changing. Now we have many cyclists in Delhi and many biking groups. But people in cars, need to respect pedestrians and cyclists. 
Another thing, not so good about this trip was that because it had just rained, there were puddles of water through which we crossed and by the time we came back, we had splashes of mud on our clothes. But one quick shower, and I was fine. Eventually, it was worth it. We came back very happy.
Seen below, I am with very famous blogger, Rati. 
She is very young, enterprising and fitness freak.