07 May, 2014

I am

Call me different or unique or freak or what you may please. But I am what I am and I make no effort to hide it. Rather it is out here in the open on blog. This is certainly not to say that I am better or others are lesser. It is just to say that this is who I am or these are the kind of people I relate to or not relate to.

There are things that the world does and I do not. I see no reason or meaning in them. Things that I have not done or will ever do or appreciate. I do not get swayed by seeing others. I have a strong mind of my own.

What are those things?

I do not ever play holi. I see no point in it. When I see others playing it or their pictures with colored faces, it is beyond my comprehension.

Since childhood, ready made greeting cards had no meaning for me. The ones you get from Archies, hallmark etc. A handwritten note, a hand made card has a value for me. It is an expression of true feeling. But a card- however pretty or expensive or elaborate, has no meaning. How do I deal with it? I say polite thank you when I get one. And given the first opportunity, it finds its place in the dustbin.
Whereas, any sweet hand written note (even on a ready made card), stays with me forever.
Similarly, if someone has to express the feelings, anything handwritten means true feelings. Whereas, any picture plus quotes like the one below, have no relevance and significance for me. Think about it- even google cannot read these words.

The only thing such picture plus quotes, picked up readymade online, signify is that the person is daft to pen down the feelings. Or maybe lazy. Write, type, be original, let it come from the heart. Do not steal anyone else's words or feelings to express yourself. Whether it is love, hatred, anger, any emotion you want to express, express in your own words. Have courage to own your words. 

I cannot relate to people who are lazy, unpunctual, have no passions, are not living a full life but pass each day as it comes or have no purpose or meaning in life. On the contrary, I admire those who are passionate about something in their life, are organized, are go getters, who value commitments, who value their time and other's time. I admire those who lead a disciplined life. By disciplined I certainly do not mean a rigid life and ideas which never deviate or move with times. It is very important to change with time, adapt and be open to new ideas. One should never have pre conceived and biased opinions. One should be flexible.

I cannot relate to loud people. People in my life, with whom I have strongest bondings have one thing in common. They are not loud. They are trustworthy. They would never ever betray or bad mouth in any way. Come what may -through thick or through thin, we have years of time tested bonding. I can vouch for them. But people who give communiqué to the world, turn me off forever and for good. I value relationships. What is a relationship? It is a strong bonding between 2 people in which there is no space for any third person. These two people are each other's confidantes. They are pillar of support for each other. I am fortunate that I have strong relations. We all need to separate wheat from chaff. 

Loud make up, loud or vulgar talks or vulgar dressing, abusive language, take a photo of everything inconsequential. Fake and wannabe. People whose only purpose in life is to party, to be seen, to get pictures clicked, are people, I maintain my distance with.

I may not sound like it, but I am actually simple and appreciate simplicity- going back to basics. It is super easy to win me over. If you are simple, easy, polite, flexible, punctual, passionate about your work and hobby, disciplined, lead a healthy lifestyle, you have won me over. If I find this missing- then? Then nothing. It is not that I will hate you. No. Then you go your way. I go my way. You have all the right to lead your life the way you want. It is just that I do not understand you. So you have no place in my life.