07 May, 2014

Plank that gives you better results.

We all want sculpted abs and we want to look lean and tall. For this, you have done elbow planks many a times. Maybe you have also participated in plank challenges.  Maybe by now, you really know it all- stomach pulled in, neck in line, back straight, neither hunching in nor upward, keep the palms down and do not hold or clasp your hands. But today, I am suggesting a slight modification that will make your plank more challenging and more effective.
The modification is to turn the palms upwards. What is the reason behind this? Let me explain.
If you press the palms down, you do engange the back muscles. If you press the palms together, like a fist, your chest muscles are engaged and they help to stabilize you. But if you turn the palms upwards, it is all about the core. The arms and forearms will not support this plank at all. Also you will not hunch your shoulders in this position. The pronator teres here is positioned in. It is like standing with palms facing forward. Most of our jobs, like cooking, rolling a bread, writing, typing on computer, etc brings are forearm to face downward. By turning the palms up in your planks, you create a balance.
Perform your plank to help you give flat washboard abs that you want.