17 May, 2014

Of late there have been few changes

Of late I am in a typical mood and that mood has set in some changes.

1. I am shopping for everything online. Small or big, cheap or super expensive, designer gowns or whatever, I am heavy into online shopping and I am loving it. When the packets come, I have never been disappointed. Everything is turning out to be better than expected and true value for money.
I am finding online shopping much more convenient because I do not have to go out. In few minutes I have all the variety and prices in front of me. I can compare and choose. The return policies are amazing. My mall trips have reduced significantly. Rather, they are non existent.

2. I am not going out at night except milonga or few friend's anniv or birthdays. Clubbing is totally out. I do not feel like going for even casual dinners etc. I have few day time lunches. Milonga is what I look forward to.

3. All my friends complain- You never call. Yes, I never do. I don't know why. But I never do. I have so many projects and work in hand that, that is what takes away all my time.

4. There is something new and super exciting coming up. This year itself. I am looking forward to it.

The mood overall can be defined as peace, harmony, content and happy. Touchwood.