17 May, 2014

Sailing in Ushuaia bay

Things to do in Ushuaia- 
Take a cruise to Ushuaia bay and sail to faro del fin del mundo.
Watch isla de los pajaros (birds of the islands).
This is an island in the beagle channel and our boat stopped here for quie a while so that we could watch the birds. The boat even turned around so that people who were sitting on the other side could view it from their seats in the cabin. We were on the open deck to enjoy the full atmosphere and it was great. The birds just lie there posing for pictures.
Stunning views from the catamaran on beagle channel. I was so surprised and delighted coming upon isla de pajaros. The boat ride on the beagle channel also gave one awesome magnificent views of the snow capped mountains, the city and other islas with sealions etc. I heartily enjoyed the excursion.

See the seals.