26 June, 2014

Social media

Social media has become so powerful. Today, companies and individuals employ companies and individuals specifically for social media marketing. There is facebook, twitter, pinterest, instagram and so many other sites. If you have a company or a even a blog or as an individual, one has to manage so many accounts just so that your presence is felt.

I have 3 websites to manage and this blog.

I am on instagram. I have 0 posts and 193 followers currently. I am staying cautiously away from it.

Social media has created a new kind of voyeurism — in which you can look into the carefully curated windows of the rich, famous and stylish — and a new kind of lifestyle envy.
Everyone's life seems perfect on social media and that is a problem.
In fact, sometimes overexposure on social media is only disgusting. Everyone posts only happy moments on social media- the perfect couple, the crazy party, beautiful dresses. Lives look better and happier on internet. People want to flaunt their fulfilled relations. But it is all partial/fake/hidden/made up truth. We decide what we want to portray to our audience. We create an image and want to live up to that image.
Who posts pictures of cleaning up the mess after the party, the fight you had with your spouse, the dress you craved to buy but seemed out of your budget?
Is life really this perfect? The social media only triggers our envy buttons. We live a real life but witness a very fake or partial truth life. We watch happy pictures of others only when we are lonely and not doing anything special ourselves, when we are idle, thinking what to do. When we are having a good time, we do not log on to see other people's lives. This magnifies our dissatisfaction with our own life. It creates yearning to portray our life as perfect. Perfect home, designer clothes and shoes, perfect relationship with all 32 teeth shining with big bright smile, fun times, exotic holidays . You do not want to feel like a loser. You also want to portray happy and fulfilled life.
I use my websites to promote my work. I use this blog to pen down my thoughts.
I am very cautious of not getting swayed by other's partial truths and glossy pictures. I think honest and true relationships can never happen in the periphery of social media. They are too personal. If you have the need to flaunt your relationship, you should take a reality check.
Remember, when you feel lonely, empty, lacking and useless while watching glossy pictures of others on internet, remind yourself life is beautiful- You are living the moment. Engage yourself in more useful and constructive things than hollow ones where the need is to flaunt. Be creative, constructive and passionate. The best moments of life are the ones that are really lived and not captured in status updates.