27 September, 2014

Apple iOS 8

Apple iOS 8 should not have one thing. Or in other words, it should remove the alarm clock feature.
Why? Because the battery life is so less that every night the phone does get discharged and the phone is dead when I wake up in the morning.
Now either, I should keep it continuously charging by my bedside, the way I do it during the day time or else buy an alarm clock.
Tonight I charged it completely and woke up in the middle of night- around 2am to keep it next to me.
I had set an alarm for 6am and I was late. Why? Because the phone had died. The alarm never rang.
What is the solution?
Who all are planning to buy iphone 6? I have been eagerly waiting for it and also apple watch.
I am seriously disappointed with the battery life of iOS 8. Is everyone else facing similar problems?