06 September, 2014

Fashion trends that need to go

1. Peplum tops- They look like a frock of 10 year girl, worn by an adult. Or a swimming costume of a  fat women who is trying to wear a one piece costume with frill underneath to hide the bulge on her thighs.
2. Platforms or wedges, whatever you may call. They are ugly. They only add bulk to your calf that look fat and stout. You might argue in their favor that they are comfortable. But if you are looking for an elegant, dainty and comfortable footwear, I would propose wear dance shoes. They are bright, cute, have beautiful heels and are so comfortable that you can dance and perform in them. They give your legs a beautiful shape. You can see some designs here.

Why do people even look at ugly shoes like these? They can never ever look good on anyone or with any dress.

3. Garish make up- Make up is good when it is natural and fresh. If you want bright lips, then avoid a bright eye shadow and if you are working on your eyes then wear a nude lipstick or softer tones. Do not become a "make up ki dukaan" (shop that sells make up) Avoid the garish look.

4. Over accessorizing- Indians are specially known for this. Older generation wants jewelry to be worn everyday in hands, ears, neck, etc. They consider it inauspicious if something is left bare. Some people may start judging that the girl does not have enough jewels. 
Apart from Indians also, over accessorizing is agonizing. You cannot become "jewelry ki dukan" (jewelry shop) and walk out. Try to accessorize judiciously. Do not kill the look.

5 Distressed jeans- This is my personal pet peeve and younger generation may not agree. Why wear torn clothes? 

7. Pumps- They are ugly, uncomfortable and do nothing to add to the look. You might think that they add height. But the fact is that they add bulk to your look. Get rid of them.

8. Pointed toe shoes for men- I am particular about shoes. Both for men and women. In fact, I admit, I am judgemental about them. I form opinion in my mind about a personality seeing a person's shoes.
Pointed toes look "fukra"(shallow person).

9. Long shorts for women- What are these? Why do women even look at them? Why not stitch them in the centre and make it a skirt or increase the length and make it palazzos. But these are very unflattering, not girly. Naah!

10. Gladiators- You might be trying to attract attention and you will be successful in that too. But the looks you will get will be the ones that will say, "disgusting".

11. Last but not the least- Match much- Some people proudly coordinate everything. Specially the colors- matching shoes, matching bag, matching matching. It looks tacky as you can see.