07 September, 2014

Review Chambor kajal pencil- Dazzle transferproof

The sales girls in the store are really smart. They make a nice, dark curved line, in the shape of an eye, on your hand and one gets lured to pick up the kajal pencil. I do not feel like trying the tester on my eyes. It is only when you come back home and try the pencil on yourself, you realize that you have not got what you really expected.
I was shown this gel kajal and I bought it. It was priced more than kajal pencils from Loreal and Lakme. I thought it must be good. 
My review: After application, it does not seem as dark as it had seemed on hand. It is more like dark grey and not jet black. My eyes watered profusely after applying it. It is priced at Rs.595/- 
For this price, I would have wanted something better. It has not met my expectations.
Frankly, it is one of the worst kajals I have ever used. It is not dark. It does not stay. It does not look good. It makes my eyes water profusely. The kajal does not even retract back once it is taken out.
With every application, it has become lighter than before. Totally regret buying it.