08 September, 2014

Nail polish remover that really works

I have tried and wasted money on many nail paint removers- Lakme, Revlon, Sally Hansen, Color bar, Oriflame, etc.
You know the best one and that really works is regular Acetone bottle bought from the drug store.
You might argue that nail paint remover should be acetone free. The companies specially market their nail paint remover to be acetone free. They say that acetone harms the nails. 
My experience- it does no harm to nails or skin etc. It is absolutely hygienic, hassle free, super cost effective, comes in a big bottle (packaged in most basic bottle) and the best is that it works. Sometimes I put glitter paint or stones or caviar, etc. Those are a pain to remove with any regular nail polish remover. But with regular acetone, they come out easily. I also like the fact that it is 400 ml packaging, vs the other small bottles with limited quantity. I change my nail paint very frequently. Sometimes twice a week. I do need bigger quantity of a remover and this serves the purpose.