01 October, 2014

21 Myths about SEX

Sex is a subject which is a taboo to be discussed openly. This leaves room for lot of speculations and myths. People believe in hearsay. This often leads to situations which make or break relationships on the basis of myths you have heard. People live in a rosy dreamworld. Romantic novels and books, make you weave a dreamy picture about sex and many a times you feel sad as your expectations are not met. Let us clear some myths about SEX.

1. Men may not be always ready for sex- Unlike what you believe that they always are- NO. They may be stressed, tired or simply may not feel like having sex. They are not always ready whenever you want. Putting them under pressure will only make them run away.

2. Duration of the sex
After watching lot of porn, if you think that the act lasts forever or for hours, it is not correct.
6-10 minutes is normal
3 minutes or less means erectile issues
2 minutes or less denotes premature ejaculation

3. Sex is not a daily activity for most couples
On an average couples have sex 1-2 times per week.
Studies show
4 or more times per week- 7%
2-3 times per week- 34%
Few times a month- 45%
Few times a year- 13%
None for whole year- 1%

4. Women may not reach orgasm- Some women may be sexually satisfied without even reaching orgasm. Women's better sexual experiences are when they are emotionally connected.

5. Size does not matter- Research proves that only 1% women consider that size is important.

6. Masturbation is natural- It is not unnatural. Also masturbation knows no age or gender. It is natural for people to masturbate even when they are in a steady relationship. Men masturbate more frequently at younger age and women do it more frequently after they are 30 plus.

7. Homosexuality is not a psychological disorder but a pathological condition. According to studies, 3-7% of people are homosexual.

8. There is sex after 60 also- It is wrong to think that there is no sex after 60. Sexual activity might be reduced but sexual satisfaction  and urge remains even after 60.

9. Occasional use of porn is not harmful for a relationship.

10 Sexual problems exist both in men and women and not just men.
Problems in men and women after 40 years could be due to health issues like:
heart problem
hormonal disorder
surgery or medication

Psychological issues can be at any age. They are
performance anxiety
problem in a relationship
not comfortable with oneself or with your own body

11. Aphrodisiacs have no real effects on sexual libido. You may have as much chocolate, strawberries etc as you want. They actually have no effect to arouse you.

12. Making noises is no proof that she is enjoying the sex- Every woman is different. Some are quite and some are vocal. Noises might be ego boost for men but they are not the proof that she is actually enjoying. Some women fake it and create sounds, while other may be quite, yet reach climax.

13. Not every woman's G spot is her erogenous zone. Every women's erogenous zones are different.

14. Orgasm for every woman is not like reaching heaven always- Every woman experiences different sensations. Some women's pelvic floor muscles may just contract and relax. They may just feel content. Do not look for heavens, ultimate pleasure, etc.

15. Withdrawal method can also make you pregnant. It is not a fool proof method.

16. Sex does not burn as many calories as exercise- People who think that they lose weight with sex, are thinking wrong.

17. Despite old wives tales, different positions will not have any effect on your baby's gender.

18. Having too frequent sex does not loosen the vagina.

19. Not all ST D's have symptoms. Herpes, gonorrhea, Chlamydia have no symptoms.

20. Wearing two condoms is not a fool proof way to prevent pregnancy. In fact, the chances of two condoms rubbing against each other and slipping are more. Hence causing pregnancy.

21. The size of penis cannot be changed by exercise or pills or porn. Only surgery can change it.