09 October, 2014

Does banana make you gain weight or lose weight?

Let us evaluate what bananas contain

One banana has approximately 105 calories
calories from fat- 3
Saturated fat- 0g
Cholesterol- 0 mg
Sodium -1 mg
carbohydrates- 26.9 gm
It has high potassium and other minerals- 422.44mg
Fiber- 3.5 gm
sugar- 14 gm
protein- 1.2 gm

Vitamin A- 1%
Vitamin C- 18%
Calcium- 1 %
Iron- 1%

It has fructose which is easily broken down and used as energy source when you workout. Bananas are recommended by nutritionists and dietitians as good energy sources specially for sports persons. It helps the muscles to function effectively.
Bananas do not make you gain weight unless and until you really eat about a dozen. A couple of bananas in a day are actually good for nutrition. It is always recommended that you do not overdo one fruit. Have a bowl of mixed fruits.

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