09 October, 2014

Does weight gain hamper your sex life?

Written by Kamna Katyal

Why do we exercise? Why do we want to be in shape? Is it to look good, beautiful, or because we have a certain image of a movie star or a model. Do we exercise so that we find the right dating partner? If you are overweight, many people will mock at you. Opposite gender will show less interest in you. You will not be a priced catch. You will be alone and feel left out or a loser. It will affect you mentally. You will not feel good about yourself. You will have low self esteem and will be conscious of yourself.

This makes you not so comfortable in your own skin. You are not just less desirable to the opposite gender but to your own self. You are self conscious in the intimate moments. You might feel that you are not good enough. You want the lights off, room dark and sheets to cover you. You do not want to be just naked. This leads to an unfulfilling relationship.

Sex is being active or rather pro active. You enjoy sex if you have agility, strength, endurance and flexibility. Sex is more interesting if you can try different positions. Tantric Yoga or couple yoga is very beneficial for this. On the contrary if you have ailments- back pain, knee pain, asthma, diabetes, you are unable to perform or enjoy sex or be good in bed.

 Many ailments like diabetes, high BP are related to obesity. Obesity is not irreversible. Partners should be supportive and encouraging each other to lead healthy lifestyle.

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