11 October, 2014

Fasting opens gates to health and spirituality

Article by Rubina Sushil
There are many occasions when we fast to fulfil a religious belief. Karva Chauth being one such day when many married women in India remain hungry and thirsty for the entire day. This voluntary absence of food, though a cause of misery to some, does have its benefits. Think of it as a vacation for the digestive system.
Our digestive system is overworked. Even when we are not eating it is quietly doing its job. Our body needs to save on energy to heal, repair and general maintenance. When not digesting food, it’s enzyme system works on detoxifying and breaking down toxins in the body quickly and efficiently.
Short fasts also reduce oxidative stress and inflammation in cells. There’s even some research suggesting that fasting slows aging. In other words, fasting might help us live longer by keeping our organs youthful.

Looking Inwards

Fasting is also a powerful tool to gain a greater sense of kinship with your Inner Being. This unique and personal experience can be felt during meditation and prayer. Knowing you are loved and supported every minute of your day and of your life is something you begin to intuitively feel. A sense of well being dawns. And new and better relationship with one self and the whole world.  

So why not give the digestive system a break from time to time. And guess what, just as we come back from vacations rejuvenated, so will our digestive system.

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