12 October, 2014

Lotus Professional pedicure kit

Today I got Lotus pedicure done. Earlier I had got Bomb pedicure done and reviewed it here. 
Talking about Lotus pedicure. It is pedicure and manicure set. It has a Shampoo, conditioner. hand & foot cream, scrub and masque. It was all Citrus flavored. 
My review: I would not consider buying this set for personal use at home. It is for professional use. The quantities are so much that I would never be able to finish it. Specially because you use very little at one time. I wish and hope that they also have some small packaging available for home and personal use.
The feet did feel very clean and soft. I specially liked the masque. It seemed to remove all the tan and the feet felt smooth and a shade lighter. The fragrance of citrus was very refreshing.
The lotus pedicure in the spa was only Rs.100 more expensive than the regular pedicure. That seemed a very small price.

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