01 October, 2014

Your ‘Khoobsurat’ essentials

Article written by Rubina Sushil

Hi There!
Khoobsurat is in news for two things- the hot Fawad Khan & Sonam Kapoor’s breezy wardrobe. Why am I talking about this? Well, the trendy look she sported in every frame is something that can be a benchmark for all of us who have very little time to keep up with the latest styles in clothes and accessories. I felt the best thing about this is that it gives the colours, the styles, the fabrics, the cuts and the ensembles all in one fun and fab package.
Sonam’s colours are vibrant. Now this is something that reflects her personality in the film- a bubbly, extrovert Punjaban. It’s hard to digest that by profession she is a doctor! But tell me, who says professionals can’t wear bright colours to work? Did you know that your mood is affected by the colours you wear?  Just pick a bright orange over rust, lime green over dull olive or a sunshine yellow over subtle cream and see how things turn around for the positive in your daily life.
Sonam’s clothes give a hint at must haves that are great to mix and match and will look trendy in every way you wear them. Here are some wardrobe picks that you should buy this season to sport a peppy, vibrant look-
A choice of lowers
1.  Legging / Jeggings in different colours. Worn with loose buttoned floral buttoned shirts/ funky T shirts/ or sleeveless ethnic kurti’s – this look for a casual day with friends never fails.
2. Shorts/divided skirts. Keep them short. Available in denims and printed cotton they look cool in summer of course and pair them with a pair of colourful leggings in winters.
3. Long ethnic skirts. There are so many different varieties available these days. They look great on every body type. And you know what? They look terrific with long kurtas. Teamed with a stole the gorgeous look never fails.
4. Pallazos: Oh the look of the season. Have you tried it yet? Please do. It’s sophisticated and reckless at the same time. So many varieties are available with bell bottoms or really large flairs. Depending on your body type, try on with different tunics. If you are on the shorter side, try the bell bottoms with short tops. Long shirts with high side cuts too go wonderfully with flaired pallazos.
5. Dhoti Pants/Patiala salwars: Don’t shy away from trying this one with a short shirt or even a T-shirt and flat jootis. If it fits well, it’s most likely to make you look real stylish.
Top that completes the look
1.     Kurti’s / long shirts: Kurti’s in trendy cuts and styles will go with skirts/leggings as well as shorts. It’s just a matter of matching them with care.
2.     T-shirts: there is a favourite for every occasion. Did you notice Sonam’s cute cartoon character T-shirts? There’s a plethora of funky T-shirts available these days and guess what they can be worn with almost anything to give a fusion look.
3.     Shrugs and a gorgeous leather jacket: Shrugs of all sizes and shapes. Get a whole lot of them. Short ones; long ones. Mix and match them with shorts/skirts and jeans. And that one great leather jacket gives the oomph! factor no matter what you wear it with!
If I were you, I’d make this my mantra and just have a Rocking time with my clothes!
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