18 November, 2014

10 Things that everyone lies about

Do you say, "I am an open book" and that "I never lie"? Do you know that there are things that everyone lies about? Everyone has lied about some of these things listed below and will lie in future too. Let us see what they are.

People generally lie about:

1. Till how late were they awake.
2. Their weight and sometimes their age.
3. How often you floss or brush your teeth
4. Price of something you bought.
5. How drunk you were.
6. You missed someone's call or you did not read someone's message- specially on a group chat of whatsapp.
7. How much television you watched.
8. Your knowledge about worldly affairs.
9. Compliment you give to a friend about how he/she is looking or if he/she has lost weight.
10. Your parents/spouse not letting you go- when you yourself do not want to go to a particular place/do.

Some more common lies are:
1. I am fine.
2. I will be there in 5 minutes. I am 5 minutes away.
3. It was nice meeting you.
4. I just got your message.

You are smiling now and thinking how many times you too have lied for some of the above.

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