19 November, 2014

How to tell him that you love him without saying it.

Sometimes you do not want to say much and yet you expect the other person to understand your feelings and your unsaid words. Here are small gestures you can make, things that you can do that will convey your feelings well.
1. Touch you face. Move your fingers lightly through your hair. Tilt your head to side and look straight into the eyes. Have a small, nice, mysterious smile on your face and sparkle in your eyes.
2. Touch him casually on the arm or his knee.
3. Smile and laugh at his jokes. While doing so, do touch his arm.
4. Even when standing away from each other in a room filled with people, make an eye contact and give a coy or mysterious smile.
5. Offer to refill his plate or his drink.
6. Burn a CD of songs for him. No one else does this. You have to have lot of liking for each other to do this.
7. Address him by his name. Everyone likes to listen to their name. If you want to give him some special name, do that.
8. When you meet him, put your best perfume. Do try to dress up specially for him.
9. Offer to receive him or see him off at the airport.
10. Tell him that he smells good or he is looking good. Everyone likes a compliment. Make him feel a bit special and that you notice.
11. Go with him for Karaoke and sing a duet together.
12. Even better- join an intimate couple dance class, like Tango, together.
13. Remember his drink and order it for him.
14. Personally make something for him- bake a cake, knit a muffler- anything you are good at.
15. Message him about something that made you think of him.

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