21 January, 2015

Accessorize in style with enchanting handbags

Handbags are an essential part of a women’s wardrobe, for fashion and styling. They are the top accessories, which are as important as shoes that can make or mar your ensemble. 
From branded handbags, to our ethnic and Indian potlis, the options are many. Handbags are chosen according to their functionality, occasion and the dress to go with. For example, the bag you carry to the airport will be a big tote which can hold your important documents and many other things. In the evening, at the red carpet, a small, glittery clutch or minaudière is more appropriate.
Enchanting handbags would also depend on your personality type and your profession. While some may like cross body sling bags, back packs or briefcase bags, others may not find them feminine enough and would want to stick to a shoulder bag or a hand bag.
How much a girl wants to carry in her bag, determines the size of the bag. I know some women, who want to carry their whole home in their bag- makeup, perfumes, a shawl, sunnies, mobile, cash, etc. 
There are others who are very basic and would carry only cash, cards and a key in their bag.

There are some who want to flash brands and would not carry a handbag that is not branded. Others like high street fashion and will not be bothered about the brand.

Now days, young girls and women want variety in their wardrobe. They might invest in one very expensive bag and then opt for other trendy ones. Online options are also many.
Some women are getting more conscious and are anti leather. It is actually right not to kill animals for our pleasure of a handbag. You get so much colorful variety in fabric and metals.
You might skip other accessories like jewelry, hat and caps, belts, sunnies but no women will walk out of the house without a handbag (and shoes).
Handbags are not just necessity to carry things or a fashion statement, they make the ensemble complete.
We would say, choose your handbag with utmost diligence, flaunt them with passion and take care of them with lots of love. Your handbag is your pride.

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