01 May, 2015

Reykjavik, Iceland diaries

Iceland is forever in festive mood. Specially, Christmas kind of mood. You see many shops selling Christmas products. People who want to buy things for Christmas tree decorations, will find the cutest things here. Apart from that, it is famous for hand knitted, pure wool. Did you see my pictures of Tango class here?
Reykjavik is a very safe city. One feels very safe. You do not have to walk over cautiously from pick pockets etc. People are simple and nice. It is bit expensive place though and not shopper's delight.

On a side note, except for India, wherever I have gone and spoken to people, people are not even aware of the term, "eve teasing". In India, there would not be a single girl who would not have experienced it. Nowhere else, men stare at girls. In India, they strip you naked with their looks. It is quite annoying. Why do women in India not feel safe? If a man rapes a woman, it is a woman's fault. She must have dressed provocatively or why did she go out at night alone? It is sad state. It does not happen anywhere else in the world. Here women wear what they want and are happily on the streets alone till late. Men do not even bother to look twice at them. Why can't Indian men be the same?

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