01 May, 2015

It takes three to tango

Like I said earlier, in Benidorm festival, there were many Wow! moments- 
The lady who leads and follows so very perfectly. (She is seen below also following)
The trio dancing together- Perfectly! Check their pictures and a video below. It was enticing to watch them. By the way, seen in the pictures below, was awesomest leader. He brought light and shine to the milongas. He would be dancing everything- salsa, bachata, kizomba and of course Tango. I will soon post his video with me too. I loved dancing with him. I certainly have magical, unforgettable memories of him. 

Besides, him, I also loved one super special Pugliese on the last day and my dances with Hugo. Unfortunately, I do not have videos of both but have been posting pictures with them.
Some memories are so special that you want to just keep them in your heart and cherish them forever.

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