17 July, 2015

Acro yoga, yoga for kids, cute kids

These are some very cute pics of my nephew doing Yoga and then super cute pics of my niece.
There are some pics of me and my sister doing Acro yoga and also few with my nephew.
Beautiful memories of Maldives.

Sitting in Padmasana, the lotus pose.

My little Yogi.

He had band aid on his foot. See the little one copying him.

Perfect childhood.

Aww! cannot get over this one.

Look at that.

They are the cutest.

Cuteness personified

Mom and son doing Yoga

Massi and her nephew

Acro Yoga

Chakrasana with Paschimottasana

Core Conditioning

My favourite

Preparation to Headstand

Step 2

Step 3

Headstand. Sheesh Asana

Variations of headstand

More variations

And more variations

Husband and wife doing Acro Yoga.

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