16 July, 2015

Obesity in men

Top 5 causes of obesity in men in India

2. unhealthy lifestyle- sleeping late, getting up late, no workout, eating junk
3. Less workout. Health is not their priority. Majority of men are busy only in earning money. 
4. Wrong food choices at wrong hours- Indian men, have been pampered and forced fed by their loving mothers and eat all wrong- chole bhature, rajma chawal, parathas with butter, samosas, etc.
5. They do not pay much attention to their increasing waist sizes. 

Top 5 problem areas of obese men

1. Big waist line/pot belly
2. Heavy thighs
3. Less strength
4. Zero flexibility
5. No stamina

7 fitness tips for obese men

1. Make health and fitness your priority. Eat right. A big fat wallet and bank balance is not the only thing in life. Hit the gym. Only women do not need to look fit and pretty. Men also should work on their fitness.

2. Do not do partial training. Most of the men who hit the gym, focus only on their upper body and do bench press and all. They have well developed chest but no strength in their lower body. They neglect squats and lunges. It causes weakness in the lower body and leads to back pain, knee pain, etc.

3. Avoid steroids and crazy supplements that are mostly marketing gimmicks. They might give you quick results for muscle gain but they have side effects like hair fall (making you bald) and also lead to impotency.

4. Dancing is not only for women. Men avoid aerobics and any dance class like zumba, etc. They find it too girlie.
Dance is a good cardio activity. Do not shy away from it. 

5. Men who go to gym, want to bulk up and do too heavy weight training. Lean is in. Have muscles. Do weight training but do not overdo it.

6. Cut down on drinking and smoking and you will be fitter. Also reduce the intake of caffeine.

7. Stretching is good. Flexibility is a part of your fitness. Fitness is not just weight training or treadmill. Add yoga and pilates also to your workout regimen.

5 exercises for obese men

To lose weight, you need to burn calories and fat. You need to incorporate cardio activities. Treadmill is not the only option. Do not just walk or jog every day. You can do cardio effectively through the following activities

1. Dance- Tango, Zumba, aerobics, step aerobics.
2. Biking
3. Swimming/aqua aerobics
4. Kickboxing
5. Yoga

My advice- Go slow. Have a holistic approach towards fitness. Do not overdo, rush and injure yourself. Bring a lifestyle change. Eat right, sleep on time and enjoy your workout.
They can shed 4-6 kg a month. Be consistent and perseverant. 

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