20 August, 2015

Indian fashion blogger in Lucknowi sari

This post is completely dedicated to a dear friend and reader who motivated me to do a sari post. This is specially and only for her. The lucknowi sari is also for her.
But, I did not want to wear a typical, tight (cannot breathe) blouse with a sari. So I wore one of my regular tops that I have worn with skirts and jeans. It was loose and it let me breathe.
We had gone to Socials in Hauz Khas village again. The old monuments there are perfect backdrop for a sari. 
Unlike what many people think and say, sari is not a "teacher" look. Now the options are unlimited. You can wear it with regular tops, change the drapes, play around and have fun with a sari. 
Today, when obese people are not shy of trying western wear, with bulges showing, sari should not give you an inferiority complex. In fact, it is a very elegant drape. It is unique and a head turner. You always stand out in a sari. Go for it.

Savouring bhel

Indian Tiffin

Chana dal and peanuts in the tiffin


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