19 August, 2015

Random facts about me

1. I do not like forwarded jokes, quotes, good morning, good night messages on whatsapp. I do not read them, nor respond to them ever- no matter how close a friend or relative they are from. For me, it is a waste of time. In fact, I wonder why people send them. How much free and useless time they have. Can they not do something better?

2. I like people who keep conversations and meetings short, crisp and to the point. The only people with whom I can indulge in heart to heart lengthy conversation is my sis or a couple of my close friends.

3. I like and expect people to be punctual and respect  my time and their own time. Simple way of gaining respect from me is, adhere to time.

4. I like people who lead disciplined life, who have passions and interests. I do not care much for shallow people.

5. I have no time and tolerance for negativity. I am quick to move away from anyone who gives negative vibes or comments.

6. TV time for me is less than 30 minutes a day. I do not read/touch any newspaper ever. I read it all online.

7. I have to read a book every day. Similarly, I have to pray and meditate everyday.

8. In movies I like chic flicks and romantic movies. I do not like too much action, sci fi, and definitely not horror.

9. My fashion style is simple, straight lined, comfortable, loose, not OTT, classic and maybe understated.

10. Same as no 5. I am super quick to move away from unpleasantness. Anyone who passes a rude comment, derogatory remark, gets too pokey or interfering, is quickly removed from my life for good. There are no regrets and guilt. This applies to anyone and everyone. No one is irreplaceable. It is as easy as doing "control+ alt+ delete". Boom! the negativity is out and positivity is in.
In the process, I loose so called friends, family and relations but I live with peace and am happier. That is more important.

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