25 August, 2020

Moirang Phee on mulberry silk

Our Moirang phee on mulberry saree is a handwoven piece of art from the traditional Manipur heirloom. Every community in the northeastern part of India has authentic and distinct designs and motifs that has been worn by the natives since time immemorial. Manipur is at the pinnacle for perfection in handwoven sarees. Our Mulberry silk saree embraces dainty motifs throughout that are handwoven by the native women of Manipur. The pure mulberry silk fiber used to make the yarn is sourced from the “Kabrang” (Mulberry cocoon). It is also extracted from the bark of the tree. The local fiber is spun into threads and then dyed using plants and bark. It's an intricately worked saree with rich cultural legacy behind it. 

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