25 August, 2020

Pashmina silk Kani saree

Nothing speaks of luxury more than Pashmina and Silk together. These plush pashmina silk Kani sarees are made from the choicest of silks and cashmere found in the valleys of Kashmir. It's exclusively sourced from the wool of the mountain sheep. The fine silk extracted from the wool is woven in a manner that it's unreal to touch. The fabric is so soft and ethereal that an authentic Pashmina silk saree can be passed through a finger-ring.

Kani is a conventional hand weaving method that started in Kashmir. Kani weaving includes the utilization of 'little sticks' used to weave each shading in independently, a time and labor intensive process. This finely textured saree delicately envelops your body and is unarguably a heirloom buy.

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