26 October, 2020

Guayabera / Indibera

Men wearing guayaberas are a familiar sight in Latin America and the Caribbean. First time in India at Sohum Sutras, we are launching Indiberas- an amalgamation of guayabera made with Indian fabrics, Indian hand embroideries, hand-stitched in India, using Indian accessories. 

Gabriel García Márquez wore it to receive his Nobel price in literature. It is also worn by many Presidents and artists in Latin America. Men love to wear it for special occasions and celebrations such as weddings and official events. It is a very versatile garment. It can be very formal or very casual.

In Latin America and the United States, the guayabera is mostly used for a casual shirt, worn without a jacket. The long, even hem is meant to hang over the trouser waist and belt. ... Practical working clothes. Men's guayabera shirts are adorned with 2 or 4 pockets and vertical rows of delicately sewn pleats. Research suggests that the guayabera originated in Cuba and was worn in the countryside, but the garment may have looked like the Spanish military uniform made out of a fabric called rayadillo (blue and white striped material) worn by soldiers during the Cuban War of Independence. It is also known in Mexico as Camisa de Yucatán (Yucatán Shirt) is a men's summer shirt, worn outside the trousers, distinguished by two vertical rows of closely sewn pleats running the length of the front and back of the shirt.

Our Indiberas/Guayaberas are very suitable for the Indian climate. They are functional, comfortable and very innovative fashion statement that will revolutionise men's wear.

These guayabera comes in three different ranges you can check that below.

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The price of all guayabera/Inidbera below is 6,500/-

Varanasi Guayabera/Indibera
    This particular guayabera / Indibera is made of pure linen with krishna's peacock feather and hindi script that read Radhe.

Ashram Guyabera / Indibera 

 Mumbai Guayabera / Indibera

Banaras Guayabera / Indibera

Budha  Guayabera / Indibera
This guayabera is made of rich tanchoi silk. Tanchoi means which touches the body silk and smooth like feather. 
Price - 7500/-

Nehru Guayabera / Indibera
Price - 4800

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