23 September, 2008

Best Italian restaurant in Delhi

For those of you who love Italian food, recently I discovered the best Italian food in New Delhi. This is coming from a fitness trainer and I am talking about absolutely low cal, nutritious and healthy options.

On 20th Sep, I celebrated my son's Birthday in San Gimignanao in Imperial hotel. He loves Italian food. And I wanted to make his day special for him.

San Gimignano is the name of a heritage village in Tuscany in Italy. The place is known for its 200 year old tall towers and buildings, which are intact till date.

I was told that you are allowed to go to this village only on a bicycle and not cars so as to preserve the ancient structures. The restaurant had original paintings of the place which are hundreds of years old. I have been to Italy but not to this place and now it has been added to my list of dream destinations.

The decor and ambiance of the restaurant is so unpretentious. They have indoor and outdoor dining. It is all pure white with white wrought iron canopies and white cane chairs. It is candle lit and has fountains.
They make thinnest possible pizza with fresh mozzarella cheese on top baked in front of you in brick furnace instead of electric oven.

I had the best possible soup of my life called minestrone soup.

The soup had full wheat and corn and organic fresh cut vegetables in it. I liked it so much that today, within 2 days of having soup there, I had to go back there with my friends and have it again. The service is excellent. The staff and chef give you lot of personal touch and attention.

I even asked for the calorie content of the soup today. Despite being huge portion size, it has only 50 calories.
I highly recommend everyone to try this place. Simply Awesome!!

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