23 September, 2008

Places to workout in Delhi- Lodhi Garden

Lodhi Garden is very popular amongst people in South Delhi.

This place has a beautiful walking trail, with lots of trees and lush green gardens all around, which are well maintained.

Walk in the morning here is so peaceful and refreshing. It has beautiful spots where you can even sit and meditate.

The beauty about this place is its beautiful old monuments which are scattered all over and restored. So the walking trail goes around them.

But what I do not like here is that unlike my favorite Jahanpanah forest, it is does not have marked distances. So, even after taking three complete rounds, I was not sure that I had completed my 7 km (that is what is one round of Jahanpanah forest). But this place is more vibrant, energetic and frequented by fitness enthusiasts.

But if we are comparing the two, then this place is the most picturesque trail.

There is even a small lake with a fountain in it. So you walk alongside the lake on one side and monument on the other. Can it be any better?


  1. its nice to see u on my blog...
    pls keep visiting... n enjoy ur stay..


  2. Kiran, looks like my blog has really been inspirational to you. 3 posts in a row from http://fitho.in - Italian, Lodhi and Jahanpanah.
    Or it just must be extreme coincidence.
    I'll take it as a compliment.
    Keep up the good work!

  3. @fitho. I recently went to this wonderful Italian place which had to find place in my dear blog and which has never ever been mentioned by you. And in case you have not noticed, click on the label, "Italian food,"in my blog. I had written another post about italian food much before you wrote yours.
    I have been going to Jahanpanah forest regularly for years. I stay so close to it.
    I have till now not seen your post on Lodhi Garden. Maybe it is some old post.