05 August, 2010

Few Must have beauty products

It has been a while since I discussed the beauty products on my blog.
While I have in my previous blog post already written about my favorite La Mer, I can still swear by this product. Every day, I fall more deeply in love with every product from La Mer. I personally use, their Diamond scrub, Miracle creme, Serum, Lip Balm, Under Eye creme.

Yes, it is expensive, but like I have said earlier, it is worth every penny. 

Now few other products, that I have not mentioned so far in my previous posts.

There is a company called Sundaram. They basically are based in Himalayas and sell their selected products only in few exhibitions of Delhi. They are so good that I actually wait for their exhibition, which they put up just twice a year. Do check their website. In fact, they have beautiful and very exotic gift boxes too that I love giving to my friends. All their products are very eco friendly and specially hand crafted. 

There is another beauty product, my friend introduced me and I bless her for this. It is Touche Eclat by YSL.

Now this last one I am going to mention is not a beauty product but rather a hygiene product and that is hand sanitizer. This is a must have for me. No specific company, but I keep one everywhere. In my work place, in my car, in my bag (purse). In fact, I have read so many people describing in their blogs as to what is in their wallet/bag. And I was surprised to find this, one, very important thing missing from every one's list. In my bag, I would not carry many/any beauty products-lipsticks, mascaras, etc but what is a must have is a hand sanitizer. Besides, this must have, my bag would also always have a band aid, a safety pin, a miniature bottle of perfume. 

When it comes to beauty/make up, I am very sure as to exactly what I want. I do not experiment much. I do not visit beauty parlors much (except for a hair cut). Surprised? Yes, I can do, every bit,  simply, effectively, confidently, proudly, on my own. I have done TV shoots and handled my own make up. Attended weddings and functions, where people were panicking for a beauticians (who would do a shoddy job of applying pan cake on their faces), I would be comfortable doing my own thing. In fact, I think, I can do these jobs of manicure, pedicure, blow dry, make up, threading, hair color, etc etc, better than any beautician (only for my own self). Self reliant. You see. 
Besides, I never get confused in a store selling a range of beauty products from range of different companies, as to which one should I buy. I exactly know which are the ones meant for me. I have seen people pondering and spending hours with testers, smelling various perfumes. Blahhhh....Cmmon, it is your body, your face. You should be sure of what you really want. 


  1. Fabulous post, La Mer products are awesome!!! xoxo

  2. Read your post. I am not that knowledgeable to comment.

  3. again its a friendly visit for my friendly blogger in a friendly manner

  4. I will chk. Sundaram. I don't use any cosmetics. If they are natural I would give a try.

  5. i didn't know about the first two products..but seeing how you swear by them i think i will give la mer a try ..definitely..iam also the types who don't like getting makeup done by beauticians..most of the times (except on my wedding ) i do my own thing..whatever i can that is :)


  6. i am fond of antural products so rose water, almond oil and sandal product s specially in this summer.