08 August, 2010

My article in Brunch today

This article and picture came in Hindustan Times Brunch today.

This is with my favorite/fittest client. She actually has washboard abs, can do 180 degree split. And yes, is also into Art Of Living. In fact, my first basic course of AOL, happened at her place. So thanks to her and her family, I got introduced to AOL.

What am I wearing here: Billabong T shirt (Bought in Bali)
Capris: Adidas.

The The article got published at this link.

Here is what it writes

No matter how often we are told exercising is good for us, there are still days (and sometimes weeks) when we are just too bored to head to the gym. This keeps gym instructors on a perpetual quest to come up with new and improved ways to flex muscles and burn up calories. Here are a few of the new
variations, all available at a gym near you.
Ramping (for your abs, back and thighs)

Banish all notions of stick thin models sashaying down a stage – Ramp is a simple piece of equipment developed by international fitness expert Gin Miller. It is an inclined plane and hence gives you the same effect of incline treadmill walking.This small, light and portable piece of equipment is supposed to work wonders on your rear muscles, core, abs, back, hips, thighs and calves.

Kiran Sawhney, a certified trainer who runs Fitnesolutions in New Delhi, says Ramp has caught on big time with her clients. “It’s a killer in terms of effectiveness,” she says, adding that it is a safe technique that helps you to shape and tone up.
FitnessRamping is an easy-to-learn exercise routine that revitalises cardio fitness. The technique utilises the natural human motion of walking forward, and combines it with the opposing action of walking backward. Half an hour on the Ramp is enough to give you the required results. But it requires some high-impact moves, so it’s not recommended for beginners.

Sutra: The first law of spirituality is to stop blaming others as well as yourself. Have you taken this first step?" - Sri Sri


  1. Well done for being featured!! Congrats!

    & You are right there are lots of arrogant bloggers. But I don't see any difference between myself and anyone else, I don't feel that one person is better than another, so I don't see any need to be arrogant. I treat others as I would like to be treated :)


  2. great...
    glad me stopped by here...
    i guess i have a thing or two to learn from here...

  3. Congratulations. Very happy to see the news item on the daily.

  4. Congratulations. Well done.

  5. Congratulations Kiran on being featured in Brunch and I did not know about ramp will ask my trainer about it.
    Your nice and extremely thoughtful comment has made me soooooooo happy :)(ear to ear grin) thank you.

  6. congrats on the article..brunch used to be one of my favorites supplement of TOI back home..great tips for abs..i should soon get back to exercising..i have piled on some lately..


  7. Hey Kiran,

    Can you provide details on making abs please - for men.