23 November, 2010

Why you should not hold on to treadmill while working out

At Fitnesolution (my fitness centre in Delhi), I never allow my clients to hold on to a treadmill and walk/run.
Personal fitness trainers do not lay much emphasis on such techniques and postural corrections.
The right way to walk/run on a treadmill is- elbows 90 degree bent, keep the chest up straight- not slouching forward or back, shoulders relaxed, land on your heel and roll through your toe or fore foot. Do not hold the treadmill while walking.
Walking/running, primarily uses the lower limbs. If while walking on a treadmill, you keep your elbows bent and move the arms also, it has following benefits:

1. The upper body also is simultaneously used.
2. The chances of getting the venous blood accumulated, if you dangle your hands, is minimized.
3. If you hold on to treadmill side handles while walking, chances are you compromise on your posture. The back is arched in. The lumbar curvature is abnormal. But if you walk without that support, your posture is not compromised.
4. Your work out is more effective and with more muscles being used, you burn more calories.

So next time, you are on a treadmill, be confident of your gait. Do not hold the handles.


  1. Thank you Kiran....A Nice article AND of course a beautiful website

  2. thanks
    excellent article
    i will recommend to everyone do the exercise.

    i tried few times in past but i never do exercise.

    will be great if u can write
    on exercise after age 30
    exercise after age 35
    or few tips what should be avoided. what i know is through reading but you are professional so will be more correct.

  3. I agree. I used to put hands for heart rate but that is not the right way.